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I love to support local makers so I'm always trying different products, picking up art, jewelry, candles—you know, all the fun stuff. Sometimes, I come across something so good, I immediately want to tell everyone, which brings me to my latest find—Worker B. I know, I realize I am late to the game on this one. I've seen the sweet, little packages at Whole Foods and various markets for the past few years but only just picked some up over the weekend.

I. am. in. love.

Let me first just say that I have the most incredibly sensitive skin. EVERYTHING gives me a rash or makes my skin peel—not so with Worker B products! Finally!

I started with the balm for lips (but can be used on cheeks, under eyes, cuticles—wherever. It is super moisturizing, no weird chemical or waxy taste and it doesn't make my lips peel—yes!

I've also been using the lotion bar—super moisturizing, absorbs quickly and looks adorable in it's tin. I add just a touch of coconut oil to my hands before putting it on to help it spread a little easier. It's great for really dry areas such as elbows, heels of the feet and elbows.

Next up, the face wash. It feels light, took my make-up off, softened my skin and moisturizes, as well—so amazing.

Lastly, the rescue putty. My fingers have already started getting deep cracks (thanks, MN Winter!). I applied the putty with a band-aid overnight and woke up with the cracks closed and almost healed—in one night!

I love so much about this company that I can't believe I waited this long to try the products.

Reason #1.The products contain very few ingredients (the putty literally consists of Beeswax, Raw Honey, Organic Olive Oil—that's it).

Reason #2 They are sustainable. They source only from antibiotic and pesticide-free beehives.

Reason #3 The company consists of 3 dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly people (I know. I asked a lot of questions and they managed to stay sweet and helpful the entire time).

Reason #4 The products are truly amazing. I'm completely hooked.

Check out their website.

They have a huge selection of honey and other fabulous items I'm going to have to try now.

I'm going to go start my Holiday wish list now.



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  • Thank you for such a thorough review! I’m glad the products are working for you. I have such sensitive skin that reacts with almost everything so I am always happy to answer all the question people have. Stop on by if you have anymore question or just want to test out some of our other products!

    Worker B

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